Stephen Ball, Full Stack Developer
Web browsers really don't like sites with untrusted certificates. Totally understandable on the internet, but that warning badge in the address bar can hide real security issues when working locally. This post will demonstrate how to create your own trusted wildcard certificate for use in local environments.
Michael Shonibare, Full Stack Developer
Drupal Gutenberg attempts to improve the Drupal authoring experience through WordPress' Gutenberg editor. Is it worth switching to?
Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director

Ask a marketer what knowledge is most important when devising a campaign and they may well say, the target audience. Without a doubt this is crucial, after all you have to know who you are trying to communicate with.

However, just as important is the context with which they will see the message.

Sufi Gaffar, Full stack developer
Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, Craft Commerce are four of the most exciting ecommerce platforms available today, in a sea of seemingly limitless options. In this post, we’ll be thoroughly dissecting the various aspects of each technology in order to reach a final conclusion as to which is the best, and why.
Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director
Sometimes what you think is an amazing idea, isn’t always. A great way to learn how to best market your brand is to look at what others have done in the past, particularly those that have made some rather spectacular errors. And make sure that you don’t repeat their mistakes. Here are our top 5 marketing fails.
Anett Imai, Full Stack Developer

Technology has made its way into almost every industry, so it's not a surprise that it has been shaping the publishing market as well, including newspapers, magazines, ebooks and audiobooks.

Sufi Gaffar, Full stack developer

The impact of social media usage on society in the 21st century is something that cannot be understated: it has totally transformed the way in which we view and interact with those around us.  Facebook and Twitter are two of the corporate giants at the forefront of this phenomenon, with the former having snapped up rivals Instagram and WhatsApp in recent years...

Dr Simon Davies, SEO Expert / Full Stack Developer

Artificial Intelligence features a lot in news and popular culture. With its advances in practical applications, coverage has progressed from Skynet fantasies to more grounded tech-horror pieces about job replacements and building eerily accurate and intrusive profiles from big data. But how much of it is true and how much of it is clickbait?

Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director

In 2005 the (American) Oxford Dictionary named “podcast” its word of the year, at the same time Apple launched podcasts on iTunes which was only 12 months after Podcasting (universally credited Adam Curry and Dave Winer ) was born. Podcasts were new, innovative and a product of the digital revolution.

Billy Davies, Managing Director

The 2020 US presidential race is already underway and in particular the Democratic nomination contest has been making the press over in the UK. One of the more eye catching policies from frontrunner Elizabeth Warren is her plan to break up Amazon, Google and Facebook. That article is well worth a read and it's hard not to see the sense in her ideas.

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