Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director
Content has a new lease of life. By definition it is the information and experiences directed towards an audience and delivered by various forms of media.
Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director

Advertising can be traced back to Roman times where commercial messages were found on the walls of the ruins of Pompeii

Fast forward to 2020 and Google, one of the most valuable companies in the world makes three quarters of its revenue from advertising, nearly $134 billion last year

Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director
There are plenty of opportunities to increase advertising revenue from websites following adtech and data advancements. But should all campaigns be ethical?
Anett Imai, Full Stack Developer
By 23 September 2020 all public sector websites in the UK will have to meet the new accessibility regulations.
Dr Simon Davies, SEO Expert / Full Stack Developer

The positive effects that AI has on everyday life are well documented. However, as this technology becomes more wide-spread, ethical questions are being raised over the influence that this has in society. By recognising the limitations of a system, identifying the greatest risks, and not being afraid to challenge the elements involved, you can mitigate the risk for any product you use or sell that contains AI.

Stephen Ball, Full Stack Developer
Web browsers really don't like sites with untrusted certificates. Totally understandable on the internet, but that warning badge in the address bar can hide real security issues when working locally. This post will demonstrate how to create your own trusted wildcard certificate for use in local environments.
Michael Shonibare, Full Stack Developer
Drupal Gutenberg attempts to improve the Drupal authoring experience through WordPress' Gutenberg editor. Is it worth switching to?
Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director

Ask a marketer what knowledge is most important when devising a campaign and they may well say, the target audience. Without a doubt this is crucial, after all you have to know who you are trying to communicate with.

However, just as important is the context with which they will see the message.

Sufi Gaffar, Full stack developer
Magento, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce, Craft Commerce are four of the most exciting ecommerce platforms available today, in a sea of seemingly limitless options. In this post, we’ll be thoroughly dissecting the various aspects of each technology in order to reach a final conclusion as to which is the best, and why.
Mark Macalesher, Commercial Director
Sometimes what you think is an amazing idea, isn’t always. A great way to learn how to best market your brand is to look at what others have done in the past, particularly those that have made some rather spectacular errors. And make sure that you don’t repeat their mistakes. Here are our top 5 marketing fails.
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