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Why you need to be removing Flash from your website


​By the end of this month Google intends to have 100% of Chrome users blocking Flash content by default. After the next few months Chrome won’t even be able to recognise if Flash is installed. Even Flash’s creator, Adobe, is advising people to remove it.​

This is because, despite Flash’s use in creating animations and in-page Apps, it has become increasingly slower, is a drain on battery life, and does not support touch-screen interfaces. This is highly relevant due to more than 50% of web traffic coming from mobile platforms. Additionally, Flash has become a major source for security holes and malicious exploits.

If your website still uses Flash you need to be switching to the newer web-standard: HTML5.

HTML5 doesn’t need any 3rd party plugins installed. It is cross-compatible with ALL platforms and browsers by default. HTML5 is designed with mobile browsing in mind and is 58% more responsive.

At Zodiac Media, our Full-Stack Developers are highly proficient with HTML5, and it is used in all our WordPress and Drupal projects so as to conform to the latest standards. Just recently we replaced youTalk Insurance’s Flash player with an HTML5 one.

​This has greatly increased the number of views their media gets.

With Flash no longer being updated to support new platforms, and with some browsers actively preventing it from running, it is a question of “when” not “if” you need to update.

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