We have carried out several WordPress web development projects for large and small businesses alike. We are happy to develop full bespoke modules to meet specific needs or use off-the-shelf functionality to reduce overheads and training times. Our wide array of WordPress showcases for several London-based companies can be seen on the Zodiac Media website.

Why come to us?

WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world.
Even users with very little experience can quickly get to grips with WordPress in hours.
WordPress is tried and tested, with rapid patch deployment to fix any and all issues.
The large selection of modules allows for mobile and search engine friendly web design.

Case Study

Worldfirst Logo - Coloured
World First, one of the UK's leading foreign exchange brokerages, asked us to develop a WordPress multi-site installation to power the blogs of their various international offices. A WordPress multi-site setup allowed World First to ensure their blogs were standardised in terms of appearance and functionality. It also greatly decreased their maintenance overhead by only having to maintain a single codebase and database.

Some of our clients