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ADSO is a nationally recognised, professional association for members of local and national government to help promote their development through the provision of learning opportunities and qualifications.

The Brief

ADSO needed a new WordPress website that allowed them to communicate with their members easily and effectively. The new site had to:

  • Provide a visually dynamic homepage with scrolling and fading news items
  • Create online surveys for members with built-in analysis
  • Allow for online booking and membership renewals
  • Have a granulated permissions systems with separate and secure areas

The Result

Our designers quickly produced UX wireframes that incorporated carousels, banners, and integrated social media feeds in order to give the site a contemporary look and feel. Our developers implemented a Role Based Access Control system for users, as well as an auto-publishing tool for pushing content to social media. ADSO’s deprecated forum module was replaced with an up-to-date one, and a migration pathway created so that all their past forum posts were still accessible.

Since delivery we have been providing ongoing support and maintenance, including the updating of the WordPress core to the latest version released in order to maintain the site’s security.

Nabru Sofas Website Image

Nabru have over eleven years of experience in manufacturing and retailing self-assembly sofas. In that time they have sold over 150,000 products and have serviced more than 50,000 customers. Nabru manufacture all of their sofas in the UK at their headquarters in the Greater London area.

The Brief

Zodiac Media has been involved with Nabru for nearly two years. During this time we have been tasked with:

  • Undertaking a complete rebuild of the site’s frontend and a full backend code refactoring
  • Replacing their mobile site
  • Migrating all the legacy codebase
  • Optimising the site to increase search engine rankings
  • Optimising content so it appears correctly in Google Shopping results

The Result

Nabru wanted an online presence capable of handling whatever advances were thrown at it. As with all of our customers, we implemented all of our new changes in a test environment and then deployed the changes onto the live site without affecting the data in the live database or the customer experience. We built their new site using a "mobile-first" approach.  This meant that Nabru had a single website that could cater to multiple platforms, making it easier to maintain and update.

Nabru's diverse range of current and potential customers is always at the forefront of every decision. A very close relationship has been fostered through daily update emails and weekly meetings. This has allowed us to create as much transparency as possible, giving the client detailed knowledge about the status of the project at all times. We have had a great working relationship with the Nabru for many years, and have developed their website as they have changed and developed as an organisation.

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