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Emu Bikes is a truly British brand, formed in 2014 to bring value and style to the electric bike market. With a retro town bike styling and a strong focus on quality, Emu's electric bikes are a cut above your typical off-the-shelf eBike.

Our Involvement

Emu Bikes’ previous web developer of choice ceased trading, leaving their eCommerce platform “Mothership” unsupported. We stepped in to fill the gap so that they didn’t have to rebuild their site, and even rolled out updates for the platform.

  • New modules created for previously unsupported eCommerce platform
  • Full SEO audit including the implementation of Schema.org structured data
  • New PPC campaigns created, returning increased traffic at a significantly reduced cost
  • A hosting solution that balanced response time with cost
  • In house ad asset generation and various redesign work on the website.
  • A range of assets designed for the Emu Bikes brand


As part of our work with Emu Bikes, we created high-fidelity art assets for the site, including:

Custom Icons



Animated ad banner




PSTA Homepage

The PSTA is a postgraduate arts college founded by HRH The Prince of Wales. The prestigious college features many outreach programmes and teaches the practical aspects of many global art styles.

The Brief

The PSTA’s previous web developer of choice ceased trading, leaving their eCommerce platform “Mothership” unsupported. Their site was also beginning to lose functionality due to back-end errors piling up, with the PSTA needing us to do the following:

  • Add ability to handle all aspects of customer transactions from a single point
  • Take proactive steps to ensure the site and server were secure
  • Eliminate the technical debts causing errors with the booking, payment, and notification systems
  • Add new pages and calls-to-action for booking art courses
  • Redesign and optimise the homepage

The Result

We integrated their server with both our performance monitoring and security intrusion detection systems and installed ClamAV anti-virus on their server, as well as implementing IP based restrictions to admin pages. We debugged and fixed all backend issues, including the email server configuration. We reordered their homepage to make the shopping cart more pronounced and the user journeys more clear.

Zodiac Media was also made responsible for all website maintenance going forwards.

Chococo Site Image

Chococo have been making fine fresh handmade chocolates since 2002. They were one of the first artisan chocolatiers to lead the way in making truly fresh chocolates, using locally sourced seasonal ingredients blended with fine origin chocolate. The have won many regional, national, and international awards since opening their doors.

Our Involvement

Chococo came to us to help optimise their Magento eCommerce site and provide a hosting solution. This included:

  • Updating the site to the latest version of Magento for added security
  • Integrate Sage Pay online payments into the checkout process
  • Making sure the site had lightning-fast response times
  • Streamlining the checkout process down to one page
  • Implemented form prediction using PCAPredict to further streamline the purchasing process
  • Patched security holes that had led to cyber-attacks in the past

Since then we have been providing daily maintenance for them, with our team of developers only a phone-call away should they need any issues checked.

BMS website screenshot

Bodyshop Management Solutions is the foremost supplier of professional IT systems, designed to increase the profitability and efficiency of the modern bodyshop. They are the minds behind the system of choice for many of the world’s leading accident repair centres and have recently been bought by Enterprise Holdings.

Our Involvement

We have been working with Bodyshop Management Solutions for the last year and have undertaken a variety of PHP consulting for them. The main area of work has been refactoring legacy code on their fusion product. From a client perspective, Bodyshop Management Solutions has been delighted with all the hard work, effort, and service we had provided throughout, resulting in us committing to further work.

Nabru Sofas Website Image

Nabru have over eleven years of experience in manufacturing and retailing self-assembly sofas. In that time they have sold over 150,000 products and have serviced more than 50,000 customers. Nabru manufacture all of their sofas in the UK at their headquarters in the Greater London area.

The Brief

Zodiac Media has been involved with Nabru for nearly two years. During this time we have been tasked with:

  • Undertaking a complete rebuild of the site’s frontend and a full backend code refactoring
  • Replacing their mobile site
  • Migrating all the legacy codebase
  • Optimising the site to increase search engine rankings
  • Optimising content so it appears correctly in Google Shopping results

The Result

Nabru wanted an online presence capable of handling whatever advances were thrown at it. As with all of our customers, we implemented all of our new changes in a test environment and then deployed the changes onto the live site without affecting the data in the live database or the customer experience. We built their new site using a "mobile-first" approach.  This meant that Nabru had a single website that could cater to multiple platforms, making it easier to maintain and update.

Nabru's diverse range of current and potential customers is always at the forefront of every decision. A very close relationship has been fostered through daily update emails and weekly meetings. This has allowed us to create as much transparency as possible, giving the client detailed knowledge about the status of the project at all times. We have had a great working relationship with the Nabru for many years, and have developed their website as they have changed and developed as an organisation.

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