Intent Productions are one of the UK's leading stretch tent companies, providing high-quality structures for all kinds of events, from private weddings to music festivals.
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The Brief

Intent Productions were looking for a new web agency to both improve their SEO and take on all support & maintenance of their site.

They also tasked us with the setup a new WordPress Multisite network for the US division of the company, while ensuring that the website was still easy-to-use and maintainable from a content editor's perspective.

The Result

Once we'd finished getting the site up and running on our servers, the first major task was to perform an in-depth, thorough analysis of the current SEO of the site utilising the popular tool SEMRush. We worked through the reported errors one-by-one, implementing fixes as necessary to improve the score generated by SEMRush.

We monitored the visibility of the site for various search terms in comparison to some of their key competitors to identify what work made the biggest difference, and what we could do more of.

Some of the fixes which we implemented included:

  • Adding inline critical CSS into the header of the site to reduce loading times
  • Reducing image sizes & configuring lazy loading to improve the page load
  • Ensuring the markup of the site was valid (e.g. no duplicate h1s, correct use & placement of tags)
  • Adding meta tags to all pages with key information
  • Configuring canonical URLs for the blog category / date pages
  • Fixing 404 errors by removing broken links and adding redirects as necessary

Even after tackling all of the SEO errors flagged up by SEMRush, we noticed that the site still wasn't performing as well as we'd have liked. We suspected that the site did not have enough content to warrant a higher position in the search rankings, so we felt like it was important to add more text across the board, prioritising pages which had the lowest text-to-HTML ratios.

After receiving the go-ahead from Intent, we:

  • Added captions to all images in the gallery
  • Added introductory paragraphs to key blog & gallery category pages
  • Added an 'FAQ' section with information about stretch tents

The positive impact of all SEO work on the site is easy to see - Intent Productions now appears significantly higher in search rankings for all stretch tent related search terms. This is visualised on a useful chart in SEMRush, which demonstrates how much of a difference the work has made.

Intent Productions SEO performance chart

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