The Confederation of Timber Industries (CTI) is an umbrella organisation, representing the UK's Timber supply chain from forest to end-of-life recycling. The CTI represents producers, manufacturers, and distributors of timber across all the supply chain. Its membership includes large multinational companies as well as key trade associations, NGOs and research institutes.

Confederation Of Timber Industries mobile website

The Brief

We were tasked with:

  • Creating a mobile optimized website built on a Content Management System of our choosing
  • Creating a clear, intuitive user interface based on a pre-existing design provided by Nick Watts Design Ltd.
  • A solid and simple backend that enabled CTI to easily upload all the latest industry news, information, achievements, and work

The Result

The designs that had been devised were very ambitious, which lead to a number of challenges for our developers. Most of these challenges occurred when trying to transform the static design concept into a fully interactive experience. Planning the site with mobile first in mind allowed us to create a streamlined experience based on its potential users' most common goals.

We delivered a clean, modern web interface incorporating the easy to use Drupal 7 CMS, which gave the client full control over their content, from any device. It also made provisions for adding further functionality if needed, giving it a degree of future-proofing. The client was extremely happy with the build and usability of the interactive supply chain.