The Country Land & Business Association (CLA) is the membership organisation for owners of land, property and business in rural England and Wales.

CLA website screenshot shown on a laptop

The Brief

CLA were looking to:

  • integrate their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • increase the lead generation from their member users
  • build on their existing eCommerce platform to increase their return-on-investment
  • and later on, totally redevelop their existing Advice section to help members make the most of their services

The Result

We created an API integration between their Drupal 7 website and their new CRM software. This allowed their users to authenticate through the CRM, providing more detailed user behaviour statistics. It also enables CLA staff to curate the website from the CRM.

Following the success of the project, the CLA made us their sole support & development agency going forward. More recently, we have taken over the hosting of their website, allowing us to streamline our deploy process and have greater flexibility with all website maintenance.

Toward the end of 2018, the CLA expressed a desire to completely overhaul their advice section. After providing us with some rough sketches to demonstrate what they had envisaged, we built a number of wireframes using Balsamiq, a popular graphical tool amongst website & user-interface designers.

We then used Marvel to develop clickable prototypes using Balsamiq wireframes, so that the CLA could validate the designs and ensure they made sense from a member's perspective. These prototypes were shared around the CLA to acquire some important feedback from other perspectives, and with some input from our side, we adjusted and finalised the designs.

The project build itself was swift and efficient, partially in thanks to the time we had spent in the design phase. Some of the technical tasks undertaken as part of the build included:

  • A migration of existing content to new, advice-specific content types with relevant fields.
  • Creating fully-responsive styles to make aid navigation on smaller devices.
  • Extending core Drupal functionality to allow for advanced, custom tagging of content using the CLA's advice categories.
  • Creating a new faceted search page using Apache Solr.

As part of the project, we also provided the CLA with detailed documentation outlining how to use the advice section from an admin user's perspective, reducing their dependence on us when making further changes.

The new advice section, available here, helps members browse the CLA's wide collection of guidance notes and advisers with the intention of increasing member engagement with the site and generally making their resources more accessible. We very much look forward to seeing the positive effects of the new advice section on the CLA as an organisation and are excited to embark on any future projects with them.

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