Cambridge Protein Works produce pure proteins for research professionals in industry and academia, saving their customers the considerable effort, time, and cost of protein expression and purification. Their website allows their customers to obtain the precise protein reagents that they require and was founded and managed by a team of structural biologists.

Cambridge Protein Works device preview

The Brief

Cambridge Protein Works approached us with a brief to:

  • Create a brand new store front that accurately reflects their brand
  • Provide an efficient communication platform for customers
  • Enable different editors to edit and add to the product catalogue

The Result

Our first task was to design and develop the whole functionality in Magento. We maintained a strong focus on the on-page UX (User eXperience), so that the interface and customer experience was intuitive and easy to use and that information was readily accessible. You can now easily purchase proteins and view detailed information about each of the products. The final result is a memorable and slick website, offering an extremely important service to labs and businesses across the world.