As of 2013 the eCommerce market in London alone now exceeds £100 billion and is the fastest-growing revenue stream in Europe. Many businesses recognise eCommerce as a desirable new channel to expand their market-share. At Zodiac Media we can help identify your requirements and rapidly roll-out a safe yet secure eCommerce platform that will provide the optimum return on investment.

Why come to us?

Our web developers can help you choose and customise the right eCommerce platform for your business needs.
Once you have a product to sell you also need an accessible website with hassle-free purchase options.
Stand out in a crowded market
Our wealth of design experience allows us to provide an engaging, seamless purchase experience for your customers.
Tailored backend modules ensure secure transactions and provide you with an electronic paper trail of all employee and customer actions.

Case Study

Chococo Logo - Color
We helped to turn their website into a site that would be easy to navigate, enable them to manage their product catalogue more easily, and would deliver a robust eCommerce portal for all their business.

Some of our clients