Zodiac Media also offers Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technical and research advice using our very own in-house BCI expert. Controlling devices using a subject's brain waves is a burgeoning avenue of product development that has seen use in the automotive, computing, communications, and entertainment industries. Achieve a show-stopping edge by incorporating BCI as a control method in your product, or simply get up-to-date on what research others in your industry are doing.

Why come to us?

Want an introduction to the basics, or do you already have a proprietary BCI paradigm setup and ready to go? We can help you sort fact from science-fiction and identify which consumer devices are worth the money and which are just measuring noise.
Surface EEG
We specialise in electroencephalography (EEG), the most practical and mainstream form of extracting user brain activity.
BCI Paradigms
We have experience with all BCI paradigms, including P300, motor imagery, and steady-state evoked potentials.
Digital Signal Processing
From Common Spatial Patterns to Support Vector Machines, we can use any form of blind source separation, feature extraction, or machine learning to get the most from your EEG data.