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How to drive high quality traffic to your website

09 July 2013

When it comes to driving traffic to your site there are basically two options:

  1. Create content that people actually want to look at and then promote it with an off-site back linking campaign.
  2. Start a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign on a major search engine

Our recommendation would be to focus heavily on point 1 of the list above as long term that is the sustainable option unless you have a very high return on investment product so can afford to pay for PPC advertising ad infinitum. The quality of traffic (i.e. the conversion rate of visitors to customers) is also likely to be much higher via the first method than the second.

'Content is king' is one of my favourite mantras for website marketing. Yes you could go down a route of heavily optimising for search engine robots by keyword stuffing (e.g.…) but you will alienate your real customers if you go too far.

From our experience the value of high page rank back links has far more effect on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) position than creating lots of robot targeted pages. You are much more likely to garner backlinks from respectable websites if your content is of interest to people and you actively promote it. Starting a blog is a perfect way of generating value adding high quality content to your site. Presumably if you're selling a product or service you choose to do so because you are either extremely knowledgeable or very passionate about it (hopefully both!). You probably know lots more about your chosen product or service than the average person and what you think is common knowledge could be very valuable to someone new to the subject. We find blogging rewarding as it is a very creative process so hopefully it will be enjoyable work for you.

The most effective way of promoting your great content is through social media. The ultimate goal here is to 'influence the influencers'. Get yourself and your business onto major social platforms where you think the community will value your content. Think LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and specialist forums just like this one. Generally the sites you visit every day are great places to start as you yourself are an influencer. Don't be too sales like in your approach to posting fresh content as it won't be appreciated. Write posts in the style that you would like to read. Again, try and add value to a community with your post not just plug your wares.

Hopefully this post has been a good example of everything I have just written. If you ever have any further questions just get in touch with us. Feel free to share this post with others using this link or the buttons below (and there’s the subtle plug) :-)