AngularJS web development can be the optimum solution for when you wish to expand your site’s functionality and mitigate unwieldy legacy code without carrying out a complete rebuild or site migration. Our London development team can easily boost your site’s performance and counteract the effects of ad hoc website expansion.

Why come to us?

Compatibility and flexibility
AngularJS’s purpose is to extend native HTML functionality, allowing static websites to become more functional and interactive.
No licence fees and a cadre of Google Engineers providing constant maintenance and updates.
AngularJS reduces the overhead of web applications allowing for faster response times and a better user experience.

Case Study

Grown in Seconds Logo - Color
The American Hardwood Export Council asked us to create a new bespoke website to showcase some of the many diverse uses for American Hardwoods. By using AngularJS we delivered a highly responsive interactive site with a very small server footprint.

Some of our clients